Jocelyn helps us to be the best leaders we can be by exploring who we are, and how our motivations enable our potential to lead us to places we’ve never dreamt that we could reach. No two leaders are exactly the same, she helps us see our strengths and weaknesses so we can make changes that leverage those strengths to further our growth. She has made so many ‘Type A’ executives into true believers.
— Ivan Koon, Former CEO You Send It (Hightail)
Universities are notoriously difficult environments for consultants and coaches because academicians are by their nature very skeptical individuals who question everything. When Jocelyn first met the leaders of Stanford Radiology silent thoughts of “oh no, another consultant” transitioned within the hour to the realization that we had someone very, very special working with us on leadership development and coaching. The results include a happy faculty, a Department of Centers of Excellence in cutting edges of technology and medicine, and added confidence that we can create together a brilliant and healthier future.
— Gary M Glazer MD Former Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiology Stanford University
Working with Jocelyn has been a tremendously positive experience for me and our executive team. We are a fast growing “start-up” with great talent that sometimes ran in different directions. Jocelyn worked with us at multiple levels that helped us better understand each other, which in turn helped us focus our efforts on the key areas of the business. All of us love working with Jocelyn and I am confident that she will be part of our professional life for a long time to come.
— Jon Kondo, Former CEO and President Host Analytics
Jocelyn helped my team to create a beautiful bridge between who they are and what they do. We reach beyond the boundaries of possibility with this authenticity. I am thankful for her unique abilities as an ambassador of heart (humanity) into the world of mind (business).
— Ebrahim Abassi, Former COO Force 10 Networks
Jocelyn has the unique ability to very quickly get to the root cause of a company’s issues around culture and can then work her magic to help the team work through those issues in a very constructive manner. We have a team with offices in 8 different countries and Jocelyn was able to bridge the cultural divide seamlessly, making each and every one of my immediate and extended management team members scale up a few notches in their productivity as well as self-belief. I would be willing to take on any company transformation challenge with Jocelyn on my side.
— Nickhil Jakatdar, Founder and CEO Vuclip
What differentiates Jocelyn from other consultants is her ability to quickly assess organizational issues and develop solutions that are practical and have high impact. Jocelyn and her team add significant value to an organization in the areas of strategic planning, acquisition support, executive development and course design and development. A particular strength of this team is their passion for ensuring the solutions they recommend are appropriate for the company. They believe in building long term relationships with clients and therefore each deliverable they offer is of the highest quality. I have the highest respect for Jocelyn and her team and recommend them to any organization who wants to hire a consulting firm that will deliver timely high-quality results.
— Ray Martinelli, Executive Vice President of People Coupa Software