Inspiration is the true currency of leadership.
It invites others on a journey to a place bigger than themselves.


Leadership is a privilege. It is the opportunity to improve the quality of life for others while achieving enterprise goals. Seizing that opportunity is not always a conscious choice people make when they step into leadership positions. It can sneak up on people while busy using their expertise to set goals, plan, and solve the hard problems required to achieve results.

At its best, the leadership journey is a process of awakening.  Great leaders are grounded in knowledge of their deeply held beliefs, values, strengths and weaknesses. Being anchored in their interior landscape provides a true north, the compass needed to set direction and lead others through ambiguity and change. Great leaders are genuinely interested in who the other person is, and how to bring out the best in each individual.



  • Self-awareness allows a leader to show up with authenticity. Knowing themselves, they can act congruently with their true values.
  • Authentic leaders invite trust from others. We instinctively trust those whose actions align with their beliefs and principles. 
  • When we trust our leaders, we are open to influence. Great leaders influence through inspiration and incentive. 



The leadership journey is the hero’s journey. It has predictable stages and challenges. We offer support on the path to one’s highest potential and purpose in the context of enterprise success. 

Jocelyn has made so many ‘Type A’ executives into true believers.
— Ivan Koon Former CEO You Send It (Hightail)

Sample of Services:

  • Executive Coaching
  • 360 Leadership Assessments
  • Leadership Development Programs