The Kung Group has been extremely helpful with the Equinix Executive leadership team in several areas including team development, collaboration and dealing with the complexities of scaling to a multi-billion dollar global enterprise. Jocelyn’s keen insights and objective views into our individual and team leadership dynamics have helped us build more trust and mutual respect with each other. This has resulted in a much sharper operating cadence and a streamlined execution of our global strategy.
— Stephen Smith, CEO & President Equinix
At Juniper the culture is a major reason for our success and why many people say it is the best place they have ever worked. Jocelyn Kung has been a major factor over many years in making this possible. Her contributions have been vast and far-reaching in the successful evolution of our people and practices as we grew from a smaller company to a multi-billion dollar, complex organization. For me, the executive team and many others across the company Jocelyn’s knowledge, instincts, and experience have been invaluable.
— Scott Kriens, Chairman and former CEO and President Juniper Networks
Jocelyn is magical. Her ability to transform organizations and their leaders to achieve extra ordinary accomplishments is a competitive weapon that has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. Jocelyn’s leadership and passion around organizational development and personal growth are what makes her so special. She has no peers!
— Haywood J. Talcove, CEO LexisNexis Special Services Inc.
Jocelyn came to Addepar at a time of great organizational challenge. Within a few months she dramatically changed the dynamic of the leadership team, creating an environment of trust, problem solving and positivity. Jocelyn helped launch Addepar on a journey of true discovery and growth through self-awareness and improved communication.
— Dan Bookstaber, COO Addepar