“Every organization needs to discover its “entelechy,” which is the unique, encoded mission that exists in all living things.”


Success is measured by results. To get results, managers focus on Performance: defining, measuring, and rewarding it. Performance management becomes the backbone for keeping people connected and productive. While necessary for setting direction and tracking progress, performance is actually a lag indicator of success. The lead indicator is Motivation.Think of Motivation as collective energy; the fuel tank that powers the performance management engine. Less tangible, motivation is difficult to quantify and prioritize. It originates in each person’s drive to achieve something important to him or her. Leaders need to understand what their people value and aspire to in order to tap their potential to build energy in the system. If we could make visible the level of motivation that a company has, we would see the areas with full tanks, well positioned for success, and areas that are running dangerously low on power.


Defining an organization’s potential involves more than structured analysis and scientific data gathering. It also involves tapping into the deeper reservoirs available within people and understanding what is in the way. In addition to studying performance factors, our assessment includes listening to the heartbeat of the system. Indicators of health are evident in non-tangibles like the quality of relationships, the quality of agreements people make with each other, and the quality of purpose that inspires larger-than-life accomplishments. Examining the whole system, we work collaboratively to shift the balance between driving performance and nurturing motivation. The result is a revival of dormant talent that naturally achieves ‘faster, better, cheaper.’
“I would be willing to take on any company transformation challenge with Jocelyn on my side.”— NICKHIL JAKATDAR, FOUNDER AND CEO, VUCLIP


  • Design of Organization’s Core Values
  • Organization Design and Implementation
  • Change Management Programs